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Offset-printed and perfect bound

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In This Issue:

From the Editor

A Pretty Pickle
Jane Lear

Sweet Spots
Jane Lear

Black & Buttery
Leila Crawford

Something is Rotten in Sweden
Jens Linder

Tough to Stomach
Richard Martin

The Pancetta Variations

Mold is Beautiful
Luce Lebart

Persimmon Vinegar
Edward Lee

Fermenting for Flavor
Bronwen Percival

On The Trail of Tejuino
Betty Fussell

More Than a Gut Feeling
Moises Velasquez-Manoff

Out of Bounds at Baroo
Joshua Lurie

Stinky Delicacies
Fuchsia Dunlop

The Decoding of Żur
William Woys Weaver

First Catch Your Bear
Steven Rinella

Gentlemen Prefer Punch
Jeanne Schinto
An Annotated South River Punch
Thad Vogler

Bombay Duck
Raghavan Iyer

A Bowl, A Spoon , & The Rising Sun
Charles Perry

Pickled Oysters
Chris Fischer & Catherine Young

Filling Cups & Calabashes in Western Africa
Jessica B. Harris

The Street of Pickle Dreams
Merry White

Cheese Under Cover
Darra Goldstein

plus 14 recipes, over 100 original works of art and photography, and more!
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